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Vision is a Defiant aligned guild on the Faemist Shard
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Guild News

New Website Officially Launched!

themachine01, Apr 22, 11 5:20 PM.
Vision of Faemist now has a new home in the tubes.

Please head to from this point forward. 

The additional functionality, user friendliness and overall win is something we have needed for some time now. Please check it out and give suggestions on how we can further improve it.

See you in Telara,


Still recruiting

V35 350GT, Apr 1, 11 4:29 AM.
2 DPS Spec

2-3 Single Target DPS Spec (ele/sc or necro/lock)


2 DPS Spec

Please visit our forums and read our charter before posting/applying to Vision THANK YOU!

We're looking for YOU!

V35 350GT, Mar 27, 11 4:23 AM.
So a couple weeks have passed by and we're still waiting on a couple players to hit 50. Those who have hit 50, we're now gearing them up and sharpening their skills with the core group. Forcing them to react faster, stronger and smarter than ever before. Now, as I drink this ovaltine that I just made I will say that I'm going to be quite picky on who applies. I will be running people through a couple expert dungeons (T1 and T2) just so I can get a feel for them and see how they play. As of right now, recruitment is still openng and we're still looking for players to fill in the spots that we need, so head over to the forums and fill out an application!

We are currently recruiting the following.

2 Paragon DPS
1 Paladin Tank

1 Archon
1 Stormcaller DPS
1 Chloromancer

1 Ranger
1 Bard

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids

Umbris-RIFT, Mar 17, 11 11:05 PM.
Not a lot has really happened. We're doing experts. Loot is being acquired. Is there anything else really to know? We're figuring raids will start in another week or two depending on the rest of the people we have catching up to levels. We're also looking for a few good men to fill out our ranks. Check the recruitment forums for details!

I don't have much picture wise except this guy:

And something that finally fuckin' happened after two weeks of waiting for no reason:

First update!

Umbris-RIFT, Mar 11, 11 5:46 PM.
Test test one two check one two. This thing on?

So its been just over two weeks now since Rift launched (Head start was the only real launch, fuck the haters) and we in Vision have been moving along pretty steadily since. From running DSM 8 straight times to complete the weekly guild quest to doing level 50 Rifts in Shimmersand with an average group level of 44, (pics will be coming btw), we've run the gambit thusfar. Experts beckon to us, we will be farming them shortly, that much is promised.

Also, we had our first good batch of PvP last night that didn't absolutely suck ass. A big shout out to Diggles for the fun, LEST YOU BE JUDGED!!

More updates to follow!

So-and-so has logged on!